About Playful Nature

Playful Nature was founded by experienced outdoor practitioner, musician, and ecology graduate,  Amy Boud in 2011. Here, Amy describes her personal philosophy and motivation to bring this work (and play) to the world:

“Through Playful Nature I aim to invoke a sense of curiosity for life. To explore our awareness of ourselves, each other and the environment around us… To strengthen our sense of connection and intimacy with the creative life force that flows through us all, and support instinctive forms of self-expression.

I use music and other forms of creativity, outdoor experiences, and mindfulness and sensory awareness approaches, to support this. To nurture our growth, health and general happiness and bring a sense of wholeness and presence to our lives. We all have a natural sense of creativity (even if it feels deeply buried!) and are an inseparable part of the earth around us, so my role can be simply about creating a safe and supportive space for our playful nature to express itself!

My own world view and sense of reality is ever changing, and I am constantly exploring different ways of being and experiencing life! I have always had one foot in the scientific/rational way of viewing the world and one in the more creative and experiential. I studied ecology at university and was awed by the elegance and sophistication of the complex ecosystem on earth. But I also love the simplicity of a walk in the woods, of noticing the small things – a dew drop suspended on moss – of the feeling of peace… and the sense of magic! I also enjoy glimpsing the wildish nature that dwells within my own being.

I feel that the modern world does not always support us to lead healthy fulfilling lives. Many of us feel trapped in lifestyles and livelihoods that don’t nurture us, we don’t have easy access to the land and wilderness, and we have picked up many limiting self-beliefs and habits. Through Playful Nature I aim to create the space to develop another way of being and relating.

My hope is that this work will contribute towards a growing sense of community resilience in these interesting changing times – a celebration of our lives together on this beautiful, complex planet.”